Tuesday: 2020 03 24

HOW TO HANDLE WHAT’S HANDLING YOU – Matthew 11:28 I read an article about how cod fish were shipped across the country at the turn of the century. The problem was keeping them fresh and tasty. Freezing and shipping the cod didn’t work; it was mushy and tasteless. A second approach was to send the fish alive across the county in large tanks, but when the fish were later prepared and cooked, same problem – mushy and tasteless. It was soon discovered that the natural enemy of the cod was the catfish. Problem solved, put catfish in with the cod during shipping; the catfish chased the cod constantly during the shipping process. The need to stay in motion, to be challenged, to be pushed – caused the cod to stay fresh. It may be a difficult truth, but we often need something to help us stay fresh, to remain strong, and focused in our walk with the Lord.


Tuesday: 2020 03 17

Pastor Penny’s Blog: Tuesday: 2020 03 17

Hello Everybody, as you can see, we are up and running with our new church website (stanleyphc.com). Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17, 2020. A lot of folks are a little green due to fretting over the Coronavirus. Lots of changes around the country are taking place as well. Schools are closed, restaurants are beginning to limit access to their dining facilities (you can still get drive-through), and hospitals are on high alert. Good luck finding the old standby faithful products…like TP. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ve been preaching lately on trusting God. It’s so easy to look at the Coronavirus crisis from the perspective of the world. Where do you start in your perspective on it? From a biblical faith worldview? Or a crisis driven government mandated, and health focused only perspective? Do you really believe that God can take care of you? This is a time of testing your faith.