Welcome to Living Hope Youth Ministry!!!!
Thank You so much for taking the time to search for the right ministry for your teens! With teenagers it’s all about relationships!

Friends, Family & Faith are very important to today’s teens! Our students want to know more about God! They want a youth ministry where they are accepted & where they feel safe, & where they feel loved, & that place is Living Hope Youth Ministry!

When a teenager comes to Living Hope Youth service they will feel welcomed & accepted & loved, & will feel like they are among family & friends!! They will have the wonderful opportunity to experience the presence & power of Jesus Christ through intimate praise & worship with our teen worship band!! We take their needs very seriously, & pray for each student! I try to speak about issues our teens struggle with along with time for them to respond to God’s message.

We seek to help each student become a genuine follower of Jesus Christ by helping them grow in their relationship through Bible study, Prayer, Worship, & Understanding their Gifts!

We try to provide opportunities for them to serve & minister to others through Sunday School, along with trips, & other fun things together to build relationships with one another on this incredible journey!

Parents, I would love to meet you & to have the honor of ministering to your teens!

Rev. Eric Chaney


Youth Worship

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