Profiles in Faith 7

Profiles in Faith

John Wesley-7

August 2, 2020

Ephesians 3:19b The Voice  “God, may Your fullness flood through their entire beings.”

The life and ministry of John Wesley touched every corner of the British Isles.  The message of salvation, being perfected in love, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit led into the experience of Full Salvation (Salvation, Sanctification, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit).  Yet a time arrived as English men and women immigrated to America that the Methodist message sought residence in this new locale.

This movement of Methodism to America generated a new problem for Wesley.  As a churchman or an Anglican, he understood the Archbishop of Canterbury as the head of Anglican fellowship.  He also believed the unbroken lineage back to St. Peter established the Bishop’s office.  What was the main problem?  Methodism operated as a ‘church within the Church.’  Remember renewal movements generally develop from mainline denominations, so the renewal group operates as a new ‘branch of Christendom.’  Also, Wesley wasn’t in favor of the American colonies breaking from England.  The conflict of American leadership eventually moves Wesley to take an unparalleled step and that was Wesley’s ordination provided the avenue for ordaining Bishops for America.  He became the link to the Anglican Church.

I am going on vacation for the month of August.  I will be walking, praying, and writing on a mountaintop in Brevard.  When I return, our next step in this journey will be early Methodism and the Christmas Conference in Baltimore.

Allow me to recommend a reading list on Wesley and early Methodism.  Please use,, (Barnes & Noble), or thrift 

Recapturing The Wesley’s Vision by Paul Wesley Chilchote

Wesley’s Christology by John Deschner

The Divided Flame:Wesleyans & The Charismatic Renewal by Howard A. Snyder

The Holy Spirit and Power (John & Charles Wesley’s work) revised by Clare Weakley

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection by John Wesley from Seedbed Publishing

From Almost to Altogether by John Wesley from Seedbed Publishing